Who Buys Junk Cars in Houston? – iBAV

There’s a lot to consider when selling your junk car. You need to figure out the price your car should be worth, and wonder about the trustworthiness of any buyer.  At iBAV, we know who buys junk cars in Houston, and who pays top dollar for your vehicle.  iBAV is here to make the process of selling your junk car simpler, and more profitable.

To begin with, iBAV is available to anyone looking to sell their vehicle nationwide.   iBAV has a network of buyers that have been carefully inspected before they are certified.  These are the folks who buy junk cars in Houston, and they buy often.  This guarantees you peace of mind when it comes to your buyer and assures you’ll be offered the best deal for your car, no matter the condition.

Who Buys Junk Cars in Houston? - iBAV

If your car isn’t drivable anymore, whether due to age or a mishap, iBAV will offer you cash for your junk car. This saves you the hassle of navigating the complicated process of selling it to a scrap yard for next to no money.  iBAV doesn’t believe that getting rid of your junk car should be a frustrating or time consuming task, which is why they offer the best price for running AND non-running cars.  You can expect a return of anywhere between 10% – 30% of market value for your junk car depending on condition.  Who buys junk cars in Houston and pays cash?  iBAV does!  Giving you the freedom to buy whatever you like with quick cash.

When choosing to sell your junk car yourself the process can be difficult and time consuming.  When selling your car online you are more susceptible to scams and being offered less than your car is worth during a negotiation process.  A dealership will not take junk cars, and a scrap yard has a difficult process that offers you less cash than your car is worth.  Selling your car to a dealership or individual will mean paperwork for that transfer, which can take up to a few weeks to complete before you can see your financial return.  Not only is your time valuable, iBAV wants to make sure that you get your money quickly and ensure your sale is stress free.  If you’re asking yourself who buys junk cars in Houston, iBAV is here to help.

The process is simple using the iBUYER TECH tool.  Simply fill in the details regarding your junk car into the form, followed by your information and any damage done to the vehicle before choosing a scheduled pick up time.  This tool will calculate the worth based on the cars market value and offer you a quote.  You can choose to accept this quote, but if you want to know who buys junk cars in Houston at a higher price, you can put your junk car up for auction with iBAV.  Once you’ve accepted the quote or the bid, the process is simple.  We complete the transaction in hours, and get you your cash quickly.  The buyers take care of all necessary paperwork, meaning you can relax.

Whether you’re choosing to sell your used or junk car, iBAV has you covered, and guarantees a hassle free transaction that will leave you satisfied with the buyer, the process, and the financial return on your vehicle.  You want to make sure you get the most for your junk car, and who better to trust than iBAV, who knows the best buyers of junk cars.  Don’t waste your time wondering who buys junk cars in Houston, iBAV knows who will give you the best value for your junk car.