We Buy Ugly Cars – Your car doesn’t need to be pretty to get cash! – iBAV

Wondering what to do with your junk car?  We buy ugly cars and are happy to pay cash for any junk or ugly cars.  Trade your junk car for cash in a matter of hours, with iBuyer Technology you simply fill in a form, schedule a pick up date, and we buy that ugly car.

An ugly car is rusted.  An ugly car needs repairs.  An ugly car has high mileage.  An ugly car is just plain ugly to look at as it sits in your driveway taking up valuable space.  All these beg the question, who would even buy an ugly car?  We buy ugly cars, and offer cash for them.

We Buy Ugly Cars - Sell Us Your Ugly Car!Choosing to sell a junk car is no easy task, and just finding someone who buys ugly cars can be a challenge.  Looking online, classified ads, scrap yards, even desperately “who buys ugly cars” into Google; all of these can lead to sketchy looking results.  It’s almost tempting to just tow it to a metal yard to get rid of it, but a part of you knows you can get money for your junk car.

We buy ugly cars for cash and save you the hassle of all the laws and paperwork that come with selling junk cars.  A scrap yard will give you a fraction of what iBAV can for your junk car.  iBAVs network of certified buyers are guaranteed to offer you the highest price for your ugly car, no matter the condition.  If you’re tired of searching for a buyer of junk cars and only getting vague answers, try filling in the iBuyer Tech form right now.  It’s simple.  Fill in all the details about your car, including any damage done to it, as well as your own information and choose a pick up time.  iBAV’s network of buyers will make an offer on the car and give you anywhere from 10% – 30% of its market value depending on condition.

The buyer takes care of the paperwork, so you don’t have to worry, and you will be sent cash within hours of completing the transaction.  There’s no pressure though, if you aren’t happy with the price offered you can turn down the offer and try again, or put your car up for bidding between the buyers.

While we buy ugly cars, we also buy running used cars.  If your car works you can drive it to any location nationwide, but for junk cars you can arrange for them to be picked up at any location.  We also pay the most cash for your used cars, up to $10,000 right in your pocket.  Whether it is a car, van or truck iBAV quite literally buys ALL vehicles.  This broad purchasing mentality allows us to offer the best price for any vehicle, in any condition.  There’s absolutely no reason to stress over selling your ugly, junk car – we buy ugly cars of all make, models and more!

Our hassle and pressure free system is a great way to simply appraise the best value you can get for the junk car that is taking up prime space on your lot.  Since there’s no obligation to take the offer, it’s a great starting point in appraising your junk car.  Using the iBUYER TECH tool you can find who’s going to give you the best deal, but we’re proud to say we guarantee the highest rate.

We buy ugly cars on a daily basis, after all!  Making the selling process simple, quick, and effective so you get your cash quick is part of the iBAV mentality.