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As a car driver, there are several inevitable such as buying gas, repairing small parts, and asking yourself “when is it time to sell my car?”  Eventually you’ll find yourself looking for car buyers Houston to get yourself ready for the next vehicle.  How do you know if you should sell your used car? While some reports say to sell after 100,000 miles on the odometer, you may find yourself swimming in repairs long before – or long after that.  There are a few simple steps to calculate if or when you should contact those car buyers.

Car Buyers Houston – When Is It Time to Sell Your Used Car – iBAV

Step one: Check the value of your car.  If you’re wondering about selling your car, knowing what car buyers Houston would pay for it is a good place to start.  There are several appraisers available online, but using the iBUYER Tech software here on iBAV is a great start.  The vast network of certified car buyers Houston, and nationwide, gives you access to the best price quote for your used car.  Be sure to input all the information about your car, as well as taking into account any repairs you plan to make to get the best price.

Step two: Check how much it would cost to repair the car.  You want your car drivable, so be sure to research how much it would cost to keep driving.  While you can go through your user manual to figure out what needs to be changed and maintained, it’s best to ask a professional.  Bring your car to a mechanic or certified car buyer in Houston to ask about what needs fixing.  You’ll get a quote of how much it will cost to keep the car.

Step three: Reflect on past situations.  If one part of your car has been repeatedly breaking or needing repair, odds are you’ll need to do it again if you keep the car.  Figure out how much you have spend in the past fixing the car.  Also think if any car buyers Houston have made comments or offers on your car.  If there’s a good market value for it, and car buyers know it, you’ll get more when selling it.

Step four: Break out the calculator.  If you’re going to spend more money fixing your car than a car buyer will give you, it makes more sense to sell it and put the money towards a new car.

It’s hard giving up a car that you’ve come to love, but iBAV is there to make your transition smoother.  With a simple appraisal process that guarantees the highest value for your used car, ensuring you can get to loving a new car quicker and with less hassle.  iBAV gives you access to a network of car buyers Houston, and nationwide, that have been carefully certified, and are ready to give the best price for your used car.

Keep in mind that to impress all the car buyers Houston, you’ll want to ensure your car is in pristine condition.  Meaning try to fix the small things that need to be fixed, detail the inside, and polish the outside.  By ensuring your car looks and runs as best as it can it will ensure you get the best possible price from car buyers in Houston.

Choosing to sell your used car to a car buyer in Houston doesn’t need to be a terrifying task.  Simply follow the steps listed above, figure out if you’re ready to sell your car, and head over to the iBUYER Tech page and get a price.