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Quite a few people have a junk car sitting in their backyard or in their garage. They can’t get rid of it because no car dealer will take it. When they try to sell it to a scrap yard, they find that the process to get rid of it is not worth their time and effort, especially considering the prices that most scrapyards offer. Getting rid of your junk car should not be a long and painstaking task. It also should not cost you money or bring you such a low return that you find that it is just easier to let it lie around your yard or garage and collect dirt and dust. You should be able to get rid of it quickly at a decent price. That is why we buy junk cars Woodlands.

Junk cars contain many parts that may still be serviceable. Furthermore, the metal itself can be recycled and used for other purposes. Consequently, the car still has some value even though it may not be worth as much as a functioning car. Scrap yard owners understand this value and bring in thousands of dollars each year from obtaining junk cars, stripping their parts and recycling the metal.

Therefore, you should definitely look to obtain your fair share of this revenue if you have a junk car. IBAV, where we buy junk cars Woodlands, can help you determine a fair value for your car and navigate the complex regulations for disposing of a junk car (see an example here).

How much is a junk car worth? That depends on the condition of your car. Most junk cars that are totally wrecked and have very few salvageable parts are normally worth about 10 to 20% of their current market value. Their value lies mostly in the metal that can be recycled and used in goods such as soda cans. Damaged cars that are inoperable but are still in decent condition can fetch up to 20 to 30% of their current market value. Their parts can be cannibalized to provide cheaper alternatives to repair the same vehicle part or modified to provide a reasonable replacement to similar parts in other vehicles. Consequently, there are multiple ways that a junk car in good condition can be utilized to bring value back to their owners.

We Buy Junk Cars Woodlands - 2002 - 2006 Honda Accord

Is the process worth my time? As the article mentioned in a previous paragraph, it is not if you intend on going to a traditional scrap yard or junk car dealer. However, at IBAV, we buy junk cars Woodlands and we take the pain out of the process. All you have to do is provide the details regarding your car’s condition to our proprietary, iBUYER TECH™ Tech tool. This amazing tool immediately gives you an accurate quote based on your vehicle’s market value and the condition of the wreck. You decide if that quote is acceptable or if you wish to leverage IBAV’s network of buyers to secure a higher bid for your junk cars. Once you accept our quote or a bid from one of our certified buyers, we complete the entire transaction in hours, not days, and the entire transaction will be conducted entirely at your convenience!  Our buyers will take care of all the paperwork to transfer the ownership of your junk car and we will never make you jump through the agonizing hoops that a traditional scrap yard. Furthermore, you do not have to scour your local areas for a scrap yard dealer that you can trust as each of our buyers is very reputable. When we buy junk cars Woodlands, it is painless and you get the maximum value!