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How to Get the Absolute Best Price for Your Used Car

You’ve got a used car, and it has seen better days.  You wonder, Who buys cars and “How much can I get for it?”  The answer is that there are tons of people buying cars! If you follow these quick tips, you can get the absolute best price for your used car.

Who Buys Cars

Who buys cars that don’t look good?

No one!  Get that car sparkling.  Buyers like something clean and nice looking, so take your car to get detailed.  Pay a bit more to get the car as clean and fresh as you and it will pay off.  A nervous buyer may feel cheated if the car seems dirty or neglected, and will offer less for it.  Research shows that a proper detailing could increase your car’s resale value by $500.

While any scratches or dents may seem minor to you, they can be big problems for people who buy cars.  Investing some time or money to buff them out will add hundreds of dollars to the value of your car.

A small and simple trick recommended by dealers is to put in new floor mats.  They don’t cost much at your local auto shop, but the buyer will notice how clean the car seems.  The smell of fresh mats will also suggest to the buyer that the car was well cared for.

Who buys cars that don’t run well?

Unless it’s your local scrap yard, not many people.  Make sure your car has had all its regular maintenance before selling.  A potential buyer will check the oil, the brake lines, and more – so you want everything to be running smoothly.  While you may be selling the car because big parts aren’t working the way they used to, it will be in your best interest to repair the most obvious problems.  Something as simple as fixing the keyless entry can make a big difference.  A potential buyer will remember something that doesn’t work over something that does.

Consider paying a bit more to have a service done, as well as putting new tires on.  Buyers will be happy to not have the hassle of having to do it themselves.  They will pay more if it’s already done.

Keep your maintenance and service records handy while selling your car.  Buyers will be at ease if they can all the work that has been done. If you don’t have any records you can pay for a report to show your car has never been in an accident.

Who buys cars that aren’t advertised?

How can someone buy something they can’t find?  Making sure your used car is well marketed will make sure you get the most potential buyers.   List in several places, online and in print if you can.  Make sure that your advertisement is honest; buyers will not buy if they feel you misled them with the ad.  Provide the exact mileage and what might be wrong with the car.  Provide a VIN number to potential buyers who want to make sure the car’s history is clean.  Highlight what’s great about the car too!  Buyers may not know everything about the make and model of your used car.  They trust you to tell them why they should buy it.

Finally, make sure they can see the car well.  Take plenty of high quality photos from all angles to ensure potential buyers can see what they’re paying for!


Now you know who buys cars!

Following these simple steps will help you maximize the money you’ll get for your used car.  If you simply don’t want to invest the money in the car, you can use a service like iBAV.  They pay cash for your used car and offer the highest return in the industry.