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Selling my car in minutes!

Sell my car in minutes

When you are looking to selling my car in minutes, it can become a very stressful process especially when you are trying to get top dollar in short time span!

A lot of customers selling my car in minutes will call telling us how much they expect for their vehicle. The customer asking prices are usually on the high side so we usually reference to other reputable websites such as ( to get a more accurate quote. A accurate quote is usually trade-in cash value.

Many customers are surprised with how low the cash value is on their vehicles. Selling my car in minutes can be stressful as said earlier. We can usually work out a price with the customer and close the deal within a few minutes.

These are some of the things you must consider before determining how much your car is worth.

  1. High Mileage – Hi mileage cars will depreciate the overall value no matter how new it is.
  2. A Salaved or Rebuilt title – This needs to be factored so keep this in mind before you request how much you want.
  3. Mechanical problems – Does the vehicle have any mechanical problems that you are aware of?

Some customers need their vehicle picked up that same day. Same day pick-ups may net less money depending on distance from our nearest service center. If you can drive the vehicle to us makes the process faster. These are just a few tips and suggestions for preparing a good solid quote for your vehicle over asking for a quote from a Buyer.