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I Want To Sell My Car

How should I proceed?

Selling your car doesn’t need to be stressful.  Once you’ve decided and told yourself I want to sell my car there are only four simple steps.  The hardest part can simply be deciding how to reach potential buyers.  So, now that you’re ready to sell your car, get started with these easy to follow steps.


Gather up your documents.

To sell your car, you will need to prove the kind of care and maintenance that has been put in to it.  Gather insurance documents, transfer forms, and any tax information you may need. You’ll also need to have your registration paperwork handy.  When you start telling your friends I want to sell my car, you will need to have this step completed.  Making sure you have all the proper documentation beforehand will make selling your car quick and hassle-free.

I Want to Sell my Car

Prepare your car to be sold.

Simply shouting I want to sell my car from the rooftops is not going to be enough.  You will need that car in tip top shape.  Firstly, check how much your car is worth.  This allows you to think about how much you want to invest in sprucing it up.  Using an online calculator like iBAV’s service gives you the best rate for your used car.
Once you know how much to invest, start detailing and cleaning your car.  Repair any scratches, dents, or minor damage.  Replace anything that you can afford to.  Wash the inside and outside of your car.  The better the car looks and runs, the more money you will get for it.



Now your car is shining, your documents are ready; it’s time to get the word out.  This time, shouting I want to sell my car from any place you can will really help.  Put a For Sale sign in the window or post a notice in the local paper.  Go online and put ads on any used car website or Craigslist.  There are so many ways to advertise, you just need to be creative.  The more you get the word out about your car, the more potential buyers you will have.  This will lead to higher and better quality offers on your used car.



Once you’ve completed the first three steps the only option is to finalize the sale of your car.  Make sure you fill out the transfer forms for your region correctly.  Have a broker look at it if you aren’t sure it’s done right.  You’ll want to remove your license plates, as well as your insurance and registration papers from the car.  The buyer will receive the registration papers, and should fill out the transfer form after you’ve been paid.  In the interest of protecting yourself, accept only cash or bank draft from the buyer; never accept personal checks.  It’s also a good idea to have a broker or an auto sales agent look over your final paperwork.  This is to make sure the sale is legal and your name is removed from the vehicle.


Follow these simple steps and you will go from I want to sell my car to “I sold my car!” quickly.  If you find this is too much work to sell your used car, you can use a service like iBAV.  They buy all vehicles, no matter the condition, and pay cash.