Blown Gasket – What should you do when it happens?

Blown Gasket – What is a head gasket?

A head gasket is found at the top of the engine.  The main function of a head gasket is to contain engine compression.  It also separates the three different liquids in the engine from each other.  When your car suffers from a blown gasket, the consequences can be very serious and need immediate action.

Blown Gasket

How do I know I have a blown gasket?

If the head gasket is damaged, your car will show signs of contaminated oil, faulty exhaust, radiator problems, or your engine will become slow.  These are all signs of a blown gasket or impending gasket problems.  When the blown head gasket has ruptured completely, the cooling system will build immense pressure and can blow off the radiator cap, blow a radiator hose, or crack the radiator tank.  All of these possibilities can be serious problems for your engine.


Can I fix a blown gasket myself?

The simple answer is yes and no, you can add a gasket sealant additive to your system and it often does work if the head gasket is not too badly damaged, it may fix the problem. Below are some popular sealants known to work well.





A blown head gasket will cause extensive engine damage to your car.  It will be difficult to assess all the problems if you don’t know what to look for.  In a pinch, you can use a head gasket sealer to seal the cracks.  However, this won’t fix the problem and will only get you as far as your local mechanic safely.  Bring your car to your trusted garage as soon as it shows signs of a blown gasket or gasket weakening.  A blown head gasket will cause irreparable damage, leaving you with the task of replacing an entire engine.  You’ll need a trained mechanic to assess the damage that the blown gasket has caused.  They will accurately determine what needs to be fixed to ensure your car runs smoothly and safely.

Blown Gasket

Is fixing a blown gasket expensive?

While a blown head gasket can be repaired for around $300, the damage it causes can run upwards of $5000.  Fixing the engine damage, the cost of the parts that have been damaged, and the difficulty in accessing the engine makes it an expensive process.  Most of the time the cost is simply not worth it.  With the amount of money you would invest in repairing the damage, you can simply sell the car instead.


Will someone buy a car with a blown gasket?

Whether you’re selling a car that’s intact or has suffered immense damage from a blown gasket, iBAV buys them.  They offer you the best price for your damaged car.  You can put your money towards a new investment instead of fix an outdated car.

When it comes time to sell your car it’s a good to consider your head gasket.  If it’s showing signs of weakening, talk to your mechanic about if it would make sense to fix before selling.  iBAV offers the best price for your car, no matter the condition.  Consider if the excessive costs beyond fixing a blown head gasket exceed your budget towards a new car.   iBAV will offer you direct cash to put towards a brand new car that will last longer and need fewer repairs.

Whether you need to replace your blown gasket or not, talk to iBAV for your new or used cars.  They offer the best price, and know how to handle a car that has suffered from a blown gasket.  Even if you tried to fix it yourself.