We love our cars! Residents of Houston drive their cars more than most residents in the United States and thus the question of whether to sell the car comes up more frequently as compared to other parts of the country. The question of WHEN to sell your car is often one that cannot be easily answered. When we buy used cars from Houston residents, we often find a few had made it past 100,000 miles with very few issues while others barely reached half that and had already undergone a significant amount of repair. However iBAV is always at hand to do a pre sell inspection for you and offer you a reasonable deal. However, if you want to improve the chances of getting a better deal for your car. Here are a few tips that can help.


  1. Asses Your Car.

How many miles have you driven? Does it have any physical deformities like dents? Are the lights working? Are the brake lines okay? Before selling your car, always make sure that the car is in tip top condition. It may be advisable to do some replacements such as tire replacements as it will give you a better deal with the trade in company. If the car has some issues, it is always advisable to have them resolved before selling as the cost of repair will be much less than the discount the trade in company or even a direct buyer will ask for

  1. Know The Value of Your Car.

There are many variables that go into determining the value of a car. At iBAV, we sell used cars and thus found it useful to have an app that generates an instant quote for you based on the data that you input into the system. The iBUYERTech app also allows the seller to accept or decline the quote instantly as well as allows the seller to set a pickup time. So long as the requirements like a valid ID and the necessary paperwork are in place, the IBUYERTech app is the fastest way to sell your car and one of the most efficient in the city.

  1. Obtain All Past Paperwork on Repairs.

Good recordkeeping is a huge advantage as it allows you to keep track of how many repairs you have done as well as giving an overall picture of how well the car has been maintained. Records of how often the oil was changed are especially important as those records are the best representation of how well the car was maintained. All this will give you an advantage when it comes to convincing the buyer that the car is in good shape and worth buying.

  1. The Direct Presentation Option.

If you opt to bring your car directly to our premises in order to sell it, make sure it is in pristine condition. A washed and waxed car gives a good first impression .Negotiations are often quite lengthy. Expect a full inspection of both the exterior and interior of the car as well as a test drive. The results that we get are what we will use to set our price and that is when the negotiations will begin. We always  try to be reasonable when it comes to our price range and you will find that we are more flexible than other car buyers in the Houston area hence you will get the best deal from us.

After settling on the price some paperwork is required before the sale is completed so as to transfer the ownership of the vehicle from you, the seller to us. This includes the signing of the Bill of Sale, the seller getting a cashier’s check from our bank as well as the termination of the cars insurance. After all this is done. The sale is complete.