Sell Your Car for Cash – Six Easy Steps

Sell Your Car for Cash – Six Easy Steps

In car-centric Houston, It is quite easy to sell your car for cash both online and offline. However, it is not so easy to get the best deal without some preparation. Here are the steps you should take before selling your car for cash.

Sell Your Car for Cash - Six Easy Steps

  1. Collect all the Information Related to Your Vehicle

Many Car owners do this as the last step when it should actually be the first. The process of selling a car must start with gathering all the paperwork together. The title of the car plays an important role. The make has to be specific (Not simply a 2003 Honda Accord but more specifically, a 2003 Honda Accord LX).This is because a lot of optional features come with the variation of the models. Extra features like a CD player can easily increase the resale value. Maintenance records are also extremely important as records like oil changes indicate how well the vehicle is being maintained.

  1. Determine the True Condition of the Car

The car may look all shiny and in your opinion ‘purr like a baby’ but the value of the car depends on its actual condition. As an owner, you have to make a realistic assessment if you truly want to sell your car for cash with ease. A pre sell inspection not only puts buyers at ease when they are looking to buy, it also makes them more willing to take your offer if their own inspection comes up with the same results as yours.

  1. Sell Directly or Trade it In

Many car sellers face this dilemma. However trading it in has several advantages. It is a quick and cheap method of disposing of a car. It is also very convenient and a cheaper option as it attracts a lower sales tax rate. With IBAV’s network of certified buyers, you will be relieved of the hassle of selling the car and get the best deal for your vehicle in Houston.

  1. Increase the Resale value of your Vehicle.

Whether you are planning to trade it in or selling it directly, it is always wise to fix a few things as well as spruce up the car. Any mechanical or cosmetic improvements were done on the car will always increase the final price. Basic improvements include washing and waxing the car as well as changing the oil. If there are any lights to be replaced, it should be done. The brake lines should also be looked at. Quite often, it is cheaper to do the replacements. For example, replacing the tires will cost $30-40 but if the replacements are not done, the buyer may expect a $300-$500 discount depending on the vehicle’s model. If there are dents that are too large or are too visible, it is better to hire a dent wizard rather than let the buyer see them and ask for a large discount.

  1. Negotiation with the Buyer

It is always advisable for you to let the buyer, whether it is a direct buyer or a trade in a company to have a test drive. This is the first step in convincing the buyer that your vehicle is worth the price. It also helps in building some rapport between the buyer and seller. After the test drive, you can answer any final questions about the car as well as start negotiations on the price. If the buyer offers a price below what you can accept, be prepared to move on. However, you can leave your contacts and ask them to contact you if they reconsider within a specified time frame. If they make a reasonable offer, just say yes and start the process of completing the sale.

  1. Complete the Sale

You require a cashier’s check from the seller through the bank. This helps to prevent any occurrence of fraud in the transactions. Once the process is complete, you and the buyer ought to sign the Bill of Sale .You also have to sign the release of liability form which you have to take to your local DMV. Some states require some extra paperwork, do them and make a copy. Finally, visit your insurance agent and have the vehicle removed from your insurance obligations.

These 6 steps not only make it easy to sell your car for cash, they allow you to negotiate the best possible price and set out the process in a smooth manner without any pitfalls.