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Selling your car can be easy but not always quick

Many car owners ask themselves ‘How easy is it to sell my car for cash?’ Because Houston is such a car-centric city, the demand for cars, both new and used is quite high. However, this should not give any seller the impression that they can dispose of their cars for a good deal by the snap of their fingers. The process can easily go the other way, whereby you as the seller gets a raw deal for their car or fails to complete the process. In order to avoid this here are a few steps that will make it easy.

  1. Analyze the Market

Ask yourself the question ‘How easy will it be for me to sell my car for cash in this market?’ despite there being a lot of demand for vehicles in the Houston area, there several variables. One variable is the model of your car. Convertibles for example are usually in high demand during the summer when you can get the best deal. If you try to sell it during the winter months, it may take longer due to fewer buyers and chances are you may be forced to sell it at a lower price than you wanted. However family cars like sedans are always in high demand. If it is a truck or a van you are planning to sell, you can easy get a good deal at any time of the year. At iBAV. We specialize in buying used cars and we offer the best deals in town.


  1. Give your car the ‘Curb appeal’

Sell My Car for Cash - A Quick and Easy Process

In this case you have to ask yourself ‘Can I sell my car for cash in the condition that it is in?’ Most buyers will make up their minds about buying your car after seeing in in the first few seconds. This is because the first visual look gives the first impression of the car. Trade in companies will also be more willing to negotiate for a better price if they see that your car has ‘curb appeal’. You can do the following things in order to make your car look attractive.

  1. Make sure the exterior of the car looks sleek. It should be free of dents, dings, scrapes and large scratches.
  2. Check that everything is mechanically sound. Make sure the brakes are okay, the tires are in good condition and everything is working. In this case, a trip to the mechanic may be necessary.
  3. Make sure that there is no junk in the car. Clean it out, vacuum it to ensure that it is free of dust. You may also clean up some areas with water and polish a few places. This will give the buyer a good first impression and also allow you to set an attractive price for the car.
  4. Have the maintenance records ready. Any buyer wants to see how well the car was maintained and may even demand the records as the first thing that they want to see. Look for all the receipts related to the repairs of the car. Oil change records are always the best as a car whose oil is regularly changed is seen as good maintenance.
  5. Be aware of the rules of selling a car in your State.

Different states have different rules governing the sale of vehicles. It is always important to know this stuff as lack of knowledge can lead to you selling your car at a lower price or to a case of fraud. Once the car is sold, your liability ends. However, it is always important to have some paperwork showing when the transaction was completed as proof. In most states, a release of liability form is a requirement after you have received the cash from the sale. It is also important to cancel the insurance policy of your car once you have sold it. It may be advisable to check out the website of your local DMV. That way, you can be familiar with the process of selling your car in your state. Having this information at hand can make the process smooth and without any hurdles, making it an easy process to sell your car.