We Buy Cars – Houston, TX – Why Should I Use IBAV?

Whether you want to sell an extra car or get the best value for your current car in preparation for an upgrade to a new car, you should definitely do your due diligence on the value that you will receive in return for your vehicle. Furthermore, you should also carefully vet your buyers to make sure that they are trustworthy. However, all of these steps take time and, in some cases, your efforts do not always provide you with accurate results. We buy cars at iBAV relieves you from all of those worries. Why?


  1. IBAV Provides A Trustworthy Network of Certified Buyers!

Nothing hinders people from selling their cars instead of turning them into a dealer more than a lack of trust in the buyer. This lack of trust is not without reason as scams involving car sales have been on the rise over the past several years. When you use IBAV’s network of certified buyers, you never have to worry about being scammed by a buyer. Each buyer is carefully screened and certified by IBAV before we include them in our network. IBAV – we buy cars, Houston, TX – values your trust above everything else and continually commits itself to maintaining the highest standards of integrity in our network.


  1. IBAV Guarantees Top Dollar for Your Vehicle!

Another issue that discourages people from selling their cars themselves is that they do not believe that they can get the best price for their vehicle.

We Buy Cars - Jeep Grand Cherokee

The misconception of getting the best price at the dealer still rules the car market. Unfortunately, car dealers do not give you the best price for your vehicle. In fact, you would probably get a better price if you sold it directly to another individual despite the risk of a scam. IBAV – we buy cars, Houston, TX – guarantees to give you the best price for your vehicle. That price will either come from us directly or from our network of buyers.


  1. IBAV Will Buy Your Vehicle Whether It Runs or Not!

Most dealers will refuse to buy a vehicle unless it runs. However, suppose that you have a vehicle that is still in good condition, but does not run? A traditional dealer does not quite help you. Repairing the vehicle might cost you more than the dealer will give you in terms of trade-in value. IBAV– we buy cars, Houston, TX – will buy your car whether it runs or not.


  1. IBAV Makes the Process Fast & Easy!

Selling a car to another individual or a dealer is a time consuming process. It takes hours, days, and even weeks to properly arrange the paperwork for transferring the car. In your busy schedule, you do not have that kind of time. IBAV makes the entire process extremely simple and easy for you. All you have to do is provide the details regarding your car’s condition to our proprietary, iBUYER TECH™ Tech tool. This amazing tool immediately gives you an accurate quote based on your vehicle’s market value. You decide if that quote is acceptable or if you wish to leverage IBAV’s network of buyers to secure a higher bid for your car. Once you accept our quote or a bid from one of our certified buyers, we complete the entire transaction in hours, not days, and the entire transaction will be conducted entirely at your convenience!  Our buyers will take care of all the paperwork to transfer the ownership of your car and we will never make you jump through the agonizing hoops that a traditional dealer would.


Just another four awesome reasons on why IBAV is the best choice to sell your car in Houston, TX!