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We often write articles about Who buys junk cars and where you can get the most money for your non-running car or vehicle. As much as we would like to say we offer the most money for your vehicle to earn your business, we simply cannot guarantee you the most money for your car!

who buys junk cars

The first thing most people do is search on their phones for local business that buy running or non-running cars. Perhaps you typed in your phone “Who Buys Junk Cars Near me?” and found this article you are reading now.

This is fastest and easiest way to sell your car but will it get you the most money? It depends on you, the seller and what effort you are willing to put in selling your car. If you want more money, you will need to work a little harder to find the right car buyer. The good news is you will eventually find a buyer, we have offered some free tips below to help you get the most cash or your Car below!


Paid Adverts

Bigger companies usually reside in the top 3 or 4 rotation sectors on google advertising and some of these companies are not local, how do you expect them to pick up your car or truck that day? Chances are they out-source to a local company and may not be willing to pay you as much for your junk car because of advertising expenses. Have a look at the screen shot below, I typed in an inquiry “sell my junk car” in google and CarMax shows up, do you expect CarMax to buy your Junk Car? How about the second and third Ad? It clearly shows they buy Junk Cars but happen not to be local so chances are they out-source and cannot pay you as much money.

who buys junk cars


Look at customer reviews

This is the most obvious, always check out what the customer is saying about the company. Reviews tell a story and shows a pattern with how that car buyer or company operates especially if they have been in business for years. It’s no secret that competition plays a role in this and companies are always looking for ways to get good reviews. It’s not hard to decipher fake review from real reviews, in fact most people do not even write a review unless they have a negative experience. It’s the nature of this business and you may have a few cases where people get upset and write negative reviews but 1 or 2 bad reviews should not impact or pose a threat to you getting a quote from them. I would say a company with 3 stars or higher is a safe bet.

who buys junk cars

Do not settle for the first Offer!

This is where most people make a mistake especially when they are trying to get the most money for their car. They accept the first offer from the first place they call on the internet which also happens to reside in the paid adverts as mentioned above. You should call at least 5 places before determining your decision. You are pretty much guaranteed to get 3 different prices. If you keep going down the list, you will start to see a price pattern, bigger companies will be at the top of maps and organic listings and will have set prices for the most part. If you are persistent, you will find companies that will go the extra mile to help you and pay you a lot more than the first few offers you received.

Deductions cut into your profit!

Make sure you ask if the company deducts for missing core items or damage on your vehicle. This is very important because almost every junk car is going to have some damage or missing core items and it’s this that can drive that initial estimate down so make sure you clarify what these damages are. We often ask customers to send pictures to give them an exact quote.

Instant Online Quotes vs Verbal Quotes

We have been pushing for Instant Online quotes over the past few years for Junk Cars because we have set prices and it’s a more convenient way for you to compare prices!

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