Who buys cars near me? – IBAV

Who buys cars near me is what you mostly likely typed into the search engine on your mobile device. The reason you or anyone else uses this search phrase when trying to sell there car is because they are looking to sell their car fast and to someone local. The someone local is a buyer near you that can come purchase your car typically within 1 or 2 hours.

Who buys cars near me?

Most buyers or companies are not going to travel a huge distance to purchase your car that same day. Also note that it reads cars and not junk cars, if your car is not running then you would type in who buys junk cars near me to get a good search inquiry or listings of buyers near you.

Be prepared before calling Car Buyers!

  1. Have your title in hand
  2. Have a price in mind of what your are trying to get
  3. Do you want the car picked up or can you drop it off
  4. Do you prefer cash, if so make sure that company will pay you cash and not a check
  5. Read reviews of the company before calling to see other sellers experiences

Have a pen and paper or your notes opened on your mobile device to record who pays the most money. The more places you call, the better chance you have in getting more cash for your vehicle. It may take more work on your part but it may be a difference of hundreds or even thousands of dollars in your pocket!

Local companies are usually the preferred method when typing “who buys cars near me” search engines prefer local business listings on maps because of the smaller radius the company services usually will equate into faster better service.

You can also get a instant quote here for a Junk Vehicle that does not run

Have a look at your cars trade-in value at www.kbb.com