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Sell your car for cash. iBUYER TECH™ helps me sell my car in Houston and has since become my favorite for selling my car.

Sell my Car Houston

In this article, I’ll give you some tips I normally share with people when they tell me “I have decided to sell My Car Houston. What should I be bear in mind?” Hopefully, itwill educate you on the best, fastest, safest and fairest way to sell your car in Houston. These are tips I have followed myself, and they work. So in case you’re worried or have been asking yourself what you need to do in order to find a buyer for your junk car, read on to find answers.

1. I ensure a thorough clean before I sell my car Houston

People will always need to dispose their cars for one reason or the other, and there are buyers ready to buy your car in whatever condition it might be. Your car might be exactly what another person is looking for. But the reality still remains that to sell a used car in Houston is not as easy as most people may think.

Before you put in your car for sale, ensure that there is proper ‘clean up’ done. If not, it will give the impression that you didn’t take good care of it. It will be better you take time to wash the car by yourself, except there are some stains or smell you can’t get out by yourself then you can use car wash professionals for that.

2. I Negotiate a good price when I want to sell my car in Houston

Find out what is the going rate in the market for the kind of junk car you want to sell. Do your research properly to ensure you know the price range. Thereafter, you have to adjust the price appropriately. The adjustment should be based on the make and model, condition, features mileage, and any recent mechanical work you have on the car.

After you have arrived at the price you will be happy to sell your car at, then you should adjust your expectations to factor in the reality that you would probably get less than that. The truth is that many people who want to sell their cars often think too themselves, “ I can sell my car Houston for such and such amount ” but their expectation is way too high.  However, knowing the going rate will help you get a good deal.

3. I Research The Buyers to whom I can sell my car Houston

Before selling, you should know what kinds of buyers are out there. The buyer might also want the car inspected by a mechanic before purchasing it. This inspection might take a few hours with an estimated cost of $100 to $200 depending on the mechanic who is to do it. The buyer usually incurs the cost of the inspection. But to make the sale more enticing, consider telling them that if they decide to buy the car, you will knock half the cost of the inspection off the price of the car. However, the easiest way I ever found to sell my car in Houston was to go online.


Another easy way to sell your car in Houston is to make use of online platforms.Although there are so many online platforms or websites you can make use of to sell your car, you also need to be aware of the risks and challenges involved. Listing your car on different platforms can be time consuming. A platform like iBUYERTECH™ on the other hand gives you the possibility to contact several buyers at the same time and get the best deals.

Here are a few tips to help you successfully sell your used car online within Houston and beyond.

  • Have all of the necessary information at hand:

Knowing everything about the car comes first to a prospective buyer,therefore you must be readyto answer all their questions. If you are unable to answer all their questions satisfactorily, the deal won’t work. Here are a few things a prospective buyer would likely ask you about the car:

  • The year, make and model.
  • Mileage on the car
  • Maintenance records
  • Accident history
  • Recent repairs
  • VIN number


  • Answer questions and respond to inquiries quickly and promptly:

Most of the time a buyer would contact multiple sellers at the same time. And will only patronize the seller who responds promptly and answers questions quickly. No buyer would like to waste their time waiting for one seller who delays respond when there are others ready to communicate with them quickly.Therefore, make sure you have all the necessary information such as title transfer and tax documents ready so the transaction can be completed quickly.

  • word of caution:

Selling your car online is very easy but at same time, can be risky. It is risky because you could easily meet a scammer who is not there to buy your car but to scam you. Therefore, you must be very vigilant and keep your guard up as you receive and respond to inquiries from prospective buyers. Make sure you are dealing with the right person and don’t allow anyone to scam you.

With iBUYER TECH™ advanced screening system, you can be at ease. Not only is it an easy way to get great quotes and get in touch with buyers, iBUYER TECH™also protects you by ensuring that buyers enrolled in our Network  are all background checked to make it safer for the seller. What’s more, as a seller, you have options about how to sell your car. You can either get an instant quote through the iBUYER TECH™ software which gives you an instant quote on your non running or junk vehicle. If you prefer to have buyers bid on your vehicle, you can do NETWORK POST that allows the NETWORK of iBUYERS to view and bid on your car. Thereafter, you choose the one that suits you the most and you’re good to go.

So there you have it, some of my best tips for those of you thinking “I want to sell my car Houston, but I don’t know what to do.” Goodluck!