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  • Automobile_History_honda

    Soichiro Honda started the Honda Motor Co, Ltd. in 1946 in Japan with the high hopes of creating the biggest motorcycle maker in the world. Decades later, the company has attained this goal. It not only makes great motorcycles, but it has grown to become the top manufacturer of other automobiles in the globe. Honda had a lot of interest in vehicles from a tender age and one of his best past time activities was tuning cars and entering them into races. When he grew up, he entered the industry when he got a contract with the automotive maker Toyota […]

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  • infiniti

    How to Check a Head Gasket Knowing how to check a head gasket sounds complex.  It does.  It sounds downright terrifying if you don’t know much about cars.  It can also be one of the most damaging parts of a car if it should fail.  This makes it an important thing to keep an eye on during the regular maintenance of your car. What does a head gasket do? Essentially, a head gasket seals the cylinders of an engine.  This ensures the most compression and stops leakage of oil into the engine.  The gasket comes into contact with several elements […]

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  • ford_f250

    Are you getting the best price for your junk car? Do you find you’re asking yourself how much is my junk car worth?  Wondering if you can cash in on the scrap car taking up space?  For the average car owner, selling a junk car isn’t very common and it’s hard to know its value.  There’s no way to look up the average prices of a junk car.  There are a few things to consider when wondering how much your junk car is worth. Waiting will cost money. When you’re spending time thinking how much is my junk car worth, […]

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  • ford-escape

    I Want To Sell My Car How should I proceed? Selling your car doesn’t need to be stressful.  Once you’ve decided and told yourself I want to sell my car there are only four simple steps.  The hardest part can simply be deciding how to reach potential buyers.  So, now that you’re ready to sell your car, get started with these easy to follow steps.   Gather up your documents. To sell your car, you will need to prove the kind of care and maintenance that has been put in to it.  Gather insurance documents, transfer forms, and any tax […]

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