About – iBAV

A better safer way to sell your Vehicle!

I Buy all Vehicles provides a service that benefits any individual trying to sell their Running or Non-Running vehicle no matter where they are located nationwide. We are able to do this by having a NETWORK of individual buyers ready to purchase your vehicle the instant you submit it on our website.

Our individual buyers also know as iBUYERS are certified to come out and pay you top dollar for you Vehicle.

We also have a exclusive iBUYER TECH that gives you the most accurate updated price for your non running vehicle or junk car. This is a instant quote that you can choose to accept or decline. If you decline, you will be given the option to NETWORK POST your vehicle on our website to maximize your profit. This can take longer but you may get more money especially if you vehicle is running!

You are able to view all iBUYERS that click Accept on your vehicle and choose the iBUYER based on their credentials and ratings to come out and make a offer on your vehicle.

The iBUYER will contact you and make arrangements to come out and see your vehicle and pay you cash. We take pride in customer service so its important that you rate the iBUYER and give us feedback.


What are the benefits of becoming a iBUYER?

We give you access to our database of vehicle submissions from our customers all over the Nation. We do this by marketing and advertising our website, this saves you thousands in advertising cost and gets you great deals on all types of vehicles in your area.

You will need to qualify by consulting with one of Managers. Please call us for more information, Thank You!