About Offers

We have 2 different types of offers, one is called an Instant Offer and uses our market iBUYER Tech software to give you the best marketplace money for you non running vehicle. This type of offer is instant and guarantees you get your vehicle picked up, This type of offer may be best suited if you vehicle is non running

The second type of offer is our NETWORK POST which means you are posting your vehicle on our network. This allows to maximize your profit from one of our many iBUYERS on our network (website). This type of offer can take a little longer but it’s the best way to get top dollar and maximize your profit. This offer may be best suited for you if you vehicle is running

The second a iBUYER accepts your offer, you will be alerted! The IBUYER will then contact you and make arrangements to come purchase your vehicle in your city. Keep In mind that all our iBUYERS on our network are certified so we