What is my car really worth? – iBAV

Whats is your car really worth?

Most people that call in have an idea of what they are trying to get for their car but usually have no clue what their car is really worth. I know this because I have answered thousands of calls and compared the customers price to the trade-in value. I usually use the trade-value as a good reference or starting point to what I would pay for the car.

I add an additional 10% which usually equates to more then what Car Max or Direct Auto would pay for the same vehicle. I do this so I can earn their business and pass a good word of mouth. Keep in mind that most companies are not going to pay private party for most vehicles because the profit margin is very slim to none.

Also, make sure you factor in some key notes below

  1. Does the car have a clean blue title?

  2. Does the car have any mechanical issues

  3. Check engine light

  4. Dents or body damage

  5. Overall Mileage of the vehicle, the value goes down when the car is over 200,000 miles (unless a diesel)

A few websites to find out what your car is worth below…

KBB (good automated quote system that has been around for ages, a good place to start)

Carvana (automated quote system that is sometimes fairly accurate)

True Car (automated quote system that is sometimes fairly accurate)


Car Fax

If you car does not run then you can get a fair price here