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We buy used cars in Houston, Texas. iBUYER TECH™ is Houston’s most reliable junk car buying system. Get cash for your used car, truck, SUVs.

If you’re looking to sell your junk car, you should give iBUYER TECH’s unique vehicle selling system a try. Not only do you save yourself a lot of stress, you also get great quotes and high prices from our Network of iBuyers who will all be competing for your business, giving you the chance to select the option that offer the most value to you. When we buy used cars in Houston, Texas you can rest assured there won’t be any problems afterwards. We take care of all the legal issues, in a  smooth process that will ensure your car is sold without stress or delay.

How we buy used cars in Houston

We understand that getting your car sold isn’t as easy as shaking hands and exchanging keys. You will need to locate the best place to advertise, get the right channel that can buy used cars, and take the necessary steps in making the sale a success. It can be risky and stressful.

We Buy Used Cars Houston - 2006 Nissan Altima and other Vehicles

iBUYER TECH was set up to provide you with a safe, fair and fast way to sell your used cars in Houston. Whether your car is in a condition in which it is ready to be junked or in a pristine condition, with us, you will always get the best offer to buy your cars. With most other used car buyers, you have to jump through hoops to get your car sold. For instance, you will be expected among other things to address the following:

  • Order for a used car information package online or from any licensing issuing office. It costs around $20 and it is a mean of verifying if the car is really yours, and it also entails of detailed forms showing the description and condition of the car, which also include forms for bills of sale, registration history, lien information, and some other important documents.
  • Get a buyer. It is very easy to say but you will have to come up with a reasonable price for your car by checking the similar cars which are up for sale online or by making use of a value calculator.
  • Get the ‘Bill of Sale’ which comes with the used cars information package. This is just about having your name written down, the name of the buyer, the sale amount, date and your signature.
  • Also, behind the car side of the permit, you will see the permit for registration having something like ‘Application for Transfer.’ The page must be filled out and signed before handing it over to the buyer.Then you hand the information package of the used car to the buyer, as well as the registration permit of the car aspect mentioned above.
  • Remove your plates (you can use it for your next car) and the side which have the plate information on the registration permit. They still belong to you, so they should be kept.

With IBUYER TECH, most of this is taken care of for you so you, making your life easier.

Our iBuyers inspect your vehicles before we buy used cars in Houston

We buy used cars with the knowledge that it may need to go through expensive repairs. We know very well that used cars must go through safety inspection to determine the extent of damages the car must have undergone during the time of usage and the repairs needed, and our network of iBuyers are prepared to undertake this task. They don’t subtract the cost of the inspection from the amount they are buying it from the seller. With this in mind, you won’t be worried about the safety inspection process. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about selling your used car through us.

When we buy used cars in Houston, we take care of the paperwork

When selling your car to us, we ensure that the necessary paperwork is in order. iBuyers in the iBUYER TECH™ network, go the extra mile to take the trouble off your hands by handling everything for you. We do our best to ensure you don’t get buried under a mountain of paperwork, but we also make sure that all the right paperwork is in place, certified and ready for your signature. You get to keep a set for your own records and protection and we store all the necessary information in our database. We encourage potential sellers to seek legal advice from their lawyers if they have any doubt about the information that we seek from them before we buy used cars Houston. From valuation to paperwork and getting your money quickly, they ensure the process of getting rid of your junk vehicle is easy for you.

The car will remain registered under the name of the seller until the car transactions has been successfully completed. But with our efficient system, everything is handled quickly and professionally and the ownership rights are legally transferred to the buyer, when we buy used cars in Houston. You get all the right papers for your protection andbefore you know it, everything is done and dusted.

So, give yourself a break and use IBUYER TECH’S advanced vehicle quotation and selling tool to take the stress out of finding used car buyers in Houston so that, from the comfort of your home, you can get an instant quote for your car, and have access to many different buyers who are prepared to give you the best deal. The buyers will take care of the paperwork, towing the car away and everything else. Easy and stress free!