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Get hard cash for your vehicles today with IBAV! It doesn’t matter if your car is running or not. We buy your car for cash and pay you on the spot.


IBAV offers you a unique opportunity to unload your old or junk car and receive instant cash up to $10,000 in return for it. The entire process is designed to be fast and convenient for you. Here’s how it works. You provide the details regarding your car’s condition to our proprietary, iBUYER TECH™ Tech tool. This amazing tool immediately gives you an accurate quote based on your vehicle’s market value.

We Buy Cars for Cash - Get Cash Today!

You decide if that quote is acceptable or if you wish to leverage IBAV’s network of buyers to secure a higher bid for your cars. Once you accept our quote or a bid from one of our certified buyers, we complete the entire transaction in hours, not days, and the entire transaction will be conducted entirely at your convenience! You never have to worry about hassling with scheduling test drives or fussing with the change of ownership process. You never have to wait to be paid. Furthermore, you do not have to pay a cent for sloppy advertising sources that may or may not help you to sell your vehicle.

IBAV also does not undervalue your car like most auto dealers do. When we buy cars for cash, we always give you the best market value that we can. If you are looking to buy a new car, getting the best value for your current vehicle will make obtaining your new car much easier and much more affordable in the long term for you.

We Buy Cars for Cash - Get up to 10,000 dollars!

We make it so simple and so easy that you can sell your old car in the morning and show up to the auto dealership in the afternoon to buy your brand new car with more than enough cash to make a sizable down payment. Imagine being able to put $10,000 toward that new car you have been dreaming about instead of the $6000 or $7000 that the dealership would have given you for your trade-in. That is the amazing power that we give you when we buy cars for cash!

However, we don’t just specialize in buying serviceable cars. We extend the same offer of cars for cash to junk cars as well. It does not matter if the car can’t start or it does not look like it is roadworthy. We buy those cars for cash as well. We typically pay 30% of its market value if it was in prime condition and we are open to paying more if the car is still in a reasonable condition. A junk car is not going to be of any use to you lying around your yard or your garage. Consequently, you should consider turning it into hard cash that you can use for more important things like a replacement car, a vacation, or something else that you have set your heart on. iBuyer Tech™ handles all of the legal processes involved in selling junk cars for you, removes your junk car from your property, and pays you cash on the spot for it!

Getting cash for your car has never been easier than it is with iBuyer Tech™. Our network of buyers enables us to pay you the best possible price in cash and our system makes the transaction fast, complete, and convenient for you. When we say that we buy cars for up $10,000 in cash and provide maximum convenience to you, we mean it!