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By now everyone must be aware of the catastrophic hurricane Harvey that has hit the Southeast texas, Houston. The hurricane has flooded the city creating havoc in the life of common people. The continuous rain and wind has brought the city to stand still. Several people are stranded, and some are stuck in their work place or home. The weather forecast is bad and expected to create more discomfort for the citizens in the coming days. The waist-deep water is making it difficult for the people to even come out of their houses.

There are incidences of people getting stuck in the flooded car. Yes flooded car! This is one difficult situation that may happen during flood and rain. And people often get panicked as what to do if they are stranded in a flooded car. Actually, there is no need to panic if you are stranded in a flooded car. Instead, you need to follow simple steps to rescue from the danger.

Flooded Car

Listed here are some of the steps that you must follow to avoid the danger and damage.

Step 1: Never Start the Car

It is a bad idea to start your car when you are stuck in flood. The water might have entered the car engine and starting it would damage the engine that can’t be repaired later. It is found in many cases that along with engine, transmission and fuel, brake power steering and electrical systems are susceptible to wear and failure due to water.

Step 2: Identify the Water Level

It is advisable to stay cool and remain buckled in the seat until any assistance arrives. Meanwhile identify the water level. If the water level is above the bottom of the doors, your car is safe.

However, you can slowly unlock the doors and open the windows if the water level is deep. As in the deep water level, the car will float and in this case you can escape from the flooded car by unbuckling your seatbelt and getting out of the car through the windows.

Step 3: Dry the Interior

Wet interior can give rise to mold and fungus inside the car. So, it is very important to dry the interior after you are rescued from the flood. You need to dry everything inside the car starting from doors, windows, door mat, dashboard and upholstery.

Step 4: Contact the Insurance Company

Most of the insurance company covers the comprehensive (fire and theft) insurance. Therefore, you can claim the expense for repairs or replacements from the insurance company. But you need to start the application process as soon as possible as the company must be flooded with claim as an aftermath of flood.

Step 5: Check the Oil and Air Cleaner

There are chances of that water droplets may be left on the dipstick and air filter. And even the oil level is high, so it is strictly advised not to start the engine. It is better to tow the car to a mechanic and to clean the water and change the fluid.

So as you contemplate what to do if your car is flooded, remember to do your research. If you are also looking for a way to disposing your flooded car, click here to get an instant online quote.