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Junk Car for Cash

What Does ‘Junk Car For Cash’ Mean?

A junk car is a vehicle that is so damaged and beyond repair that it is better and reasonable to just sell it for parts and get cash from it. Every year millions of cars are sold out. We use them to ply our roads and highways and with time these cars get old, spoiled, broken and replaced with a new model. Then the old junk car is resold or sometimes abandoned.  When a car has fulfilled its purpose and can no longer serve what it was bought for, it becomes junk car. When ever a car has to undergo a repair and the cost to repair it is more than 70% of the value of the car, an insurance company usually refers to it as “junk car” and recommends it to be sold out for cash.


The truth is that many people don’t know that there is actual money to cash from an old and broken down car. It becomes junk car for cash for those who know how to go about it properly and use the junk cars for cash.


Do you have a junk car sitting around and taking up space? Have you ever considered scrapping that car into quick and easy cash? There are a lot of Junkyards companies everywhere willing to buy your junk car from you. You may be amazed to realize that you have a huge amount of money to cash out from your junk car parking right there!


How Junk Car For Cash Benefits You

A lot of people often think that a junk car is one of those junk items thrown into a junkyard as a dump in the less pretty part of the city, where items that are no longer of use are sent to be destroyed. But junk cars can be sold for cash because they are valuable and needful in many ways. Here is a summary of the three main advantages of selling your junk car for cash:


  • You earn some money from something you no longer need.
  • The junkyard companies get to recycle the car and it is converted to raw materials such as steel in order to create new cars and other products.
  • It is also great for the environment as we no longer need to harness too much of the earth’s natural resources to create stuff we need, we use what we have already to create more things.


Other Benefits Of Junk Car For Cash


The car is one of the most widely recycled consumer products. 94% of ferrous metal is recycled into new steel, 65% of new steel product comes from scrap metal and 75% of a car’s content can be reused or recycled. Junk car is often carried to an automobile dismantler in the junkyard where the car is dismantled and the reusable parts are removed and resold.  Some of these parts may include working batteries, tires, fluids, car accessories like GPS systems, radios, CD players, windshields etc.


After removing these usable parts, then the car is placed in a crusher and flattened into auto hulks.  Thereafter, the metallic hulks are then shipped to the auto recycling facility where they are weighed for payment and then unloaded.  The remains of the car are then taken into the shredder.  The shredder processes one junk car every 45 seconds and produces other items such as iron, steel, nonferrous metal and fluff.  And these items are separated from one another.  When separated, the iron and steel are well arranged and then taken to end markets such as steel mills and it undergoes the actual process of recycling in order to produce new steel products.


Know When Your Car Becomes A  “Junk Car For Cash” Candidate

Your present car will no longer be good for you and should be turned into junk car for cash when:

  • The expense to fix and maintain the car is above its actual worth.
  • The car got lots of issues and damages that you don’t want to pass it over to the next user.
  • The car has been sitting so long in your garage and you require space for a different car.


Before You Put In Your Car For Cash

Before you relinquish your junk car for cash there are several things you need to do first. Go over the car’s contents and take out all your personal items left within. Check through the glove compartment, the floor, underneath the car seats and in the trunk and every other place that you may have left valuable personal items. As you check, you might discover several lost valuable items in there.


How Much Is Your Junk Car Worth?

Cash for Junk Car

Many people do not think they can get much cash for their junk car, but the truth is the payout can be quite encouraging. A junk car may be worth anywhere from 10 to 40 percent of its used value. However, there are a few other factors that go into determining the value of your junk car which include the year, make, model, location and the current price of scrap. All of these play a role in how junkyard companies quote you. Depending on the combination of these factors, you may be able to receive anywhere from $200 to $400 for your junk car. Always remember that the price is not definite, instead it is a general range for what people are able to receive on junk car for cash.


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Of course you could choose to drive around to find a junk car dealer to buy your vehicle, just be aware of the efforts required and stresses involved. Various junkyards company will offer you different prices for your junk car and most will offer the least they can get away with. You will need to do your research properly as the seller and find where you can get the most cash for your junk car.  Some of these companies may charge you for coming to you to tow your junk car to its junkyard while others would not. Therefore don’t just look for a company that offers the best price, but the best service that helps you sell your junk car for cash with the least amount of stress. We give you 2 options with our iBuyer Tech™ Software or Network Posting, you don’t need to waste time trying to find the right junkyard company. We bring the buyer to you and take all the stress out of the process, making it very easy for you.