Buying Junk Cars – Whats the deal? iBAV

Find all the businesses buying junk cars in your area. Get the highest cash for your junk car

Who is buying junk cars?

Junk means worthless, right? Wrong! When it comes to cars, that old junk sitting around could be a treasure. Those buying junk cars know the true value of your junk car. Sitting around, it’s not worth much and certainly not of any use, but when you get it into the right hands, it gets a whole new life that is useful. In fact it becomes useful from the moment you hand it over to the junk car buyer, because in exchange you get a pocketful of cash. That’s some pretty good use right there! Thereafter, the junk buyer takes it away and it begins the process of getting a new lease of life. Despite being junk, a car sometimes  still has many good components that can be salvaged and recycled. Some of the most useful components are the steering wheel, seats, windshields, bumpers and other spare parts

What’s the deal with buying junk cars?

If there’s anything that those buying junk cars know, its that there is a willingness to let cars rot that doesn’t make sense.  It happens everywhere, and the results are there in fields and meadows all across the nation, outdoors, where residents have moved on and left an old vehicle sitting and rotting away in the weather.  The problem with this approach is significant, and I’ll talk more about that below.At a certain point, there is no hope for these vehicles, as all of the steel parts one by one yield to the inexorable advance of rust.  Down in the guts of the motor, water works its slow way into the system, in the form of vapor and mist.  There is no part of a high performance, professionally sealed engine that cannot be reached by an environment’s water, so long as there is enough time.  And so the abandoned vehicle cannot be saved.

Cruel neglect!  Why leave this beautiful assembly of precise parts to be wasted?  Is it so hard to say goodbye to a car that you can’t afford, that you prefer to let it be lost in the wilderness rather than recycled, reused, restored, or reborn?  There is another way, and today all over the country you can find organizations and individuals working to end the blight of junk cars abandoned in the open and they are doing it in different ways. Among them are businesses dedicated to buying junk cars.

The Environmental Reason to Seek Out Those Buying Junk Cars

Find all the businesses buying junk cars in your area. Get the highest cash for your junk car

The impact of an abandoned vehicle on its immediate outdoor area can be harsh.  The rusting of iron and steel is not too big of a problem for nature to handle, but the other parts of the vehicle are another matter entirely.  Rust is just a non-toxic mixture of iron and oxygen, after all.  The plastics and artificial materials scattered throughout the vehicle, in the steering wheel and body panels, the seat covers and trunk linings, all present problems when they are accidentally ingested by animals.  Biodegradability in the outdoors is also not effective with many plastics.


The worst parts of a junk car for the soil around it are the petroleum-based materials inside it.  These include the gasoline in the tank, the lubricants in the engine, and the other fluids in the various systems of the car.  Rubber materials in the wheels, gaskets, and pedals also tend to break down into somewhat toxic pieces, as well.  These petroleum and rubber products all end up seeping into the ground around the vehicle, and then into the groundwater.  The toxic effect of one junk car may not be large, but in high quantities, enough of the petroleum material may contaminate groundwater enough to make local wells undrinkable.  This publication from the EPA, regarding junk cars on a Cheyenne Indian Reservation, points out that airbags and batteries contain toxic chemicals.

Businesses buying junk cars

Many junk collectors and scrap metal collectors are proud of the way that their work serves to protect the environment from the harm done buy junk cars.  They certainly turn a profit from it, but the fact remains that the service of collecting junk cars keep many yards cleaner, and saves the soils and groundwater of their neighborhoods from extensive poisoning. And best of all, for the owner, junk car dealers can even provide cash for junk cars, and take the sting out of that final farewell.  The scrap pile is an honorable end for any vehicle, as its metal is melted and reborn in new forms. Tools like this one take the stress out of finding junk car buyers so that, from the comfort of your home, you can get an instant quote for your car, and have access to many different buyers who specialize in buying junk cars. The buyers will take care of the paperwork, towing the car away and everything else. Easy and stress free!


Why Spend Money on Junk Cars? Get Money Instead!

Consider also the capital city of Havana, Cuba.  Due to the extensive American economic embargo of the Castro regime, automobile imports into Havana virtually ceased in 1960.  The Soviet Union at the time sent in shipments of their dubious Ladas, Volgas and Zaporozhets, but the island people preferred to maintain their Belairs and other American classics.  Today Havana has an odd look to it, with the 1950’s alive and kicking in the city streets.  This is a fairly intense example of what happens when consumers insist on upgrading older products, rather than junking old cars. These old Cuban vehicles would definitely have problems meeting modern safety and emission standards on American streets. Unless you’re prepared to put in the time, money and efforts to keep and old junk car running and meeting emission standards, you probably shouldn’t be thinking of going the Cuban route. A far better use of your time is to find someone buying junk cars and rather than spend money, get money for your junk car. And finding a buyer is not as stressful as it sounds. You can easily find buyers using the iBuyer Tech tool that gives you access to a wider range of buyers.

So when it’s time for your farewell to your old junk car, this is a great final choice.  It was beautiful when it was new, and who knew it could be so valuable when it became junk?